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Crystal Healing and Why You Need It In Your Life.

There has been a lot of talk of crystal healing, stone therapy and other similar references to crystals.

Today we will explore the very basics of Crystals, Crystal Healing and Stones. Crystals have gained rapid popularity but the truth is that crystal healing has been around for centuries, dating all the way back ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

The Chinese have been using stones and crystals for centuries mainly due to the nature of their holistic approach to medicine; the body as a whole that is affected by energy flow, Chi or Qi. Buddhist and Hindu cultures have understood the concept of Chakras long before our current spiritual influx. So what do they know that we do not? Let’s explore the world of Crystals and Crystal Healing together.

What is a Crystal? Is it the Same as a Stone?

A crystal is a gemstone mineral that has a repeating molecular crystalline pattern and had geometric angles. Crystals are made up of minerals such as silica. Stones are made up of various minerals and generally do not have geometrical angles, rather they are round or oblong. Some stones may be smooth to the touch and others with more texture depending on the mineral make up and where it was formed.

How are Crystals used?

Certain Practitioners may use crystals by directly placing the stone on the body during a healing Reiki session, where additional energy healing is utilized. Others carry or wear the crystal carrying the frequency or vibration that is of most value to the wearer. During healing sessions, a practitioner may choose the stones/crystals that align with your needs, whether it me calming energy or the desire to heal a physical ailment.

Which Crystal is right for me?

Each crystal has its very own unique vibrational frequency. Often times, one will encounter a particular crystal or stone that will be very appealing, whether it is the aesthetics of the stone or the feeling when you touch it or for no particular reason but an unexplained pull. There are many helpful resources such as healers, books and crystal enthusiasts that can help in this process. Understanding what healing properties the crystal vibrates can also aid in deciding which crystals to look for.

There is tons of information out there on the practice and science of Crystal Healing.

Crystal Healing is a fun, safe way to explore what Mother Earth has really provided us naturally. The ancient civilizations used crystals and stones to guide their spiritual journeys as talisman and assist in healing bodily ailments.

Crystal Healing is not a substitute for a visit to your health care professional, however, they can assist in helping you more readily accept healing on a spiritual and energetic level, which in turn translates itself into the physical. Think about prayer and all other types of metaphysical healing; allowing the heart and body to accept all forms and levels of healing is what Energy Healing is about.

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